Adding Schemafy App Embed Block to Your Theme

Enhance Your Store's SEO with Schemafy's Schema Markup

Schemafy is a Shopify app that simplifies adding JSON-LD schema to your store, improving its visibility in search results and providing rich snippets for users. This can potentially lead to better SEO and higher search engine rankings. This guide will walk you through the process of installing the Schemafy app embed block in your chosen theme.

Installing the App Embed Block during Initial Setup

After installing the Schemafy app and selecting a plan, you'll be redirected to the "Installation" page as part of the initial app setup. Follow these steps to install the Schemafy app embed block:

  1. Choose the theme where you want to install the Schemafy app embed block.
  2. Click "Activate in theme editor" to open the theme editor with the app block enabled.
  3. In the theme editor, confirm that the "Schema Tags" block is enabled under the "App embeds" section.
  4. Click the "Save" button to apply the changes and add schema tags to your theme.

Revisiting the Installation Page

If you need to make changes or check the installation status, you can revisit the "Installation" page from the Schemafy app dashboard's homepage at any time.

Checking the Installation Status

To confirm the app embed block installation:

  1. Go to the "Installation" page in the Schemafy app dashboard.
  2. Click the "Check Status" button next to the theme selector for the selected theme.

By following this guide, you'll successfully install the Schemafy app embed block in your Shopify theme, enhancing your store's search engine optimization and visibility.

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