Kickstart Your Journey with WebVitality

Welcome aboard WebVitality—the bridge to mastering your Shopify store's performance metrics. The setup is a breeze, and we're here to walk you through it, step by step.

1. Install WebVitality from the Shopify Store

Initiate your journey by introducing WebVitality to your Shopify enclave.

2. Pick a Plan Tailored for You

With WebVitality now part of your toolkit:

  • A palette of plan options will unveil.
  • Fancy a test drive? Our Free Plan lays out a hearty offering of 50,000 events per month—a splendid way to explore what’s on the table.
  • Crave more? The Pro Plan awaits your nod. A simple hop into the settings screen, and the switch is made.

3. Effortless Script Onboarding

With your plan locked in, it’s script installation o’clock!

  • A one-time installation prompt will greet you.
  • Tap on Open theme editor .
  • Ensure the "WebVitality Script" block is in the active realm.
  • Hit save. A few clicks and voila, you're geared up!

Note: A peek into the settings will always reveal the block's installation status. Handy, isn’t it?

4. Unveil Your Dashboard

Once installed, the WebVitality dashboard rolls out the red carpet for you. Initially, it might echo with tranquility—but as visitors stroll into your store, performance data will waltz around the dashboard.

5. Plunge into Analytical Narratives

For the data aficionados:

  • Every metric card on the dashboard holds a portal to deeper insights.
  • Give it a click. An analytical narrative unfurls, showcasing trends, anomalies, and pathways to actionable insights. After all, data is your compass in the digital realm.

Voila! You’re all prepped up. With WebVitality as your companion, monitoring and insightful explorations are now part of your daily rendezvous. Got queries? We’re all ears. Here's to elevating your store experience to zeniths unknown. Cheers!

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