Script Management with WebVitality

WebVitality is engineered to provide a seamless script installation experience, ensuring your Shopify store is primed to track performance metrics. Here’s how to breeze through the script management process with WebVitality.

1. Embark on Installation

  • Upon selecting your plan, you’ll land on an installation screen. This intuitive interface boasts text and visual instructions to guide you through every step.
  • Hit the Open theme editor button, which will whisk you away to a new tab where the magic happens.

2. Activating the WebVitality Script

  • Within the theme editor, locate and activate the WebVitality Script block. This is your ticket to unleashing WebVitality’s performance monitoring prowess on your store.

3. Save to Soar

  • Don’t forget to save your changes in the theme editor. It's the final tap that sets the script in motion, marking the onset of a new chapter in your store’s performance narrative.

4. Monitor Script Status

  • Back in the WebVitality app, navigate to the settings screen where you can monitor the script status. It’s a nifty feature to keep tabs on the script’s pulse.

This guide is geared to ensure a smooth sail through the script installation and management process. With a few clicks, you’re all set to dive into the ocean of insights that WebVitality has to offer. Happy exploring!

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