Managing Your WebVitality Subscription

Whether you're evaluating different plan options or seeking clarity about your existing one, this guide is here to help you seamlessly manage your WebVitality subscription.

Choosing the Right Plan for You

Upon installing WebVitality, you're presented with two enticing plan options:

  1. Free Plan: Tailored for shops with up to 10,000 page views per month, it offers all standard features.
    • Features: All standard functionalities.
    • Limit: 10,000 page views/month.
  1. Pro Plan: A haven for the active shopkeepers or those aiming for an unrestricted WebVitality experience.
    • Features: Unlimited access to all features.
    • Payment Options: Monthly or Annual. And don't forget about our 20% discount on annual payments!

Switching between plans? It's just a few clicks away.

Navigating to Your Subscription Settings

  1. Venture to the Settings page from your WebVitality dashboard.
  2. The Plan section awaits.

Here, insights abound:

  • Usage and its reset date (Free plan users).
  • Billing cycle and related tidbits (Pro plan users).

Switching Your Plan

Inside the Plan segment of Settings:

  • Transition from Free to Pro or the reverse.

⚠️ Heads Up: Downgrading mid-month? The charge for the full month stands. Our apologies, but partial refunds aren't on the table right now.

Opting Between Monthly & Annual Payments (Pro Users Only)

To switch:

  1. Tap Change plan on the Settings page.
  2. Upper right of the plan selection, toggle between Monthly or Annual.
  3. Proceed to wrap things up.

Understanding Shopify's App Billing Cycle

Learn more about Shopify's app subscription billing from the official Shopify Help Article on App Charges.

Got Questions?

Billing conundrums or just curious? Reach out! Contact us anytime.

Harness the full might of WebVitality, with clarity and confidence. Forge ahead! 🚀

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