Handling Structured Data Errors in Google Search Console with Schemafy

Encountering Schema Errors in Your Store

If Google Search Console flags structured data issues in your store, it could be due to outdated or incorrect schema markup from your Shopify theme or an installed app, particularly SEO or review apps. Identifying and rectifying these errors is crucial for optimal search visibility.

Schemafy's Role in Error-Free Structured Data

Schemafy ensures your store benefits from thoroughly tested, proven, and up-to-date schema tags. Designed to generate valid schema regardless of your app configuration, Schemafy stays abreast of updates from schema.org, Google announcements, and industry trends. While Shopify API constraints might result in some non-critical optional issues, these are akin to recommendations and do not invalidate your structured data or affect search result snippets. Schemafy is committed to continuously minimizing these issues.

Verifying Your Store's Structured Data

To ensure your store's structured data is error-free, use Google's Rich Results Test tool for immediate validation. This tool offers instant feedback and a preview feature to visualize how your store's pages will be represented in search results, providing a proactive approach to managing your store's search presence.

Duration for Schemafy's Implementation to Reflect

Upon integrating Schemafy and validating the structured data through Google's Rich Results Test tool, the appearance of rich results in Google's search can take from a few days to several months. The variability in Google's indexing process means that while some stores may see changes within weeks, others might wait longer. Consistent monitoring and patience are key during this phase.

Necessity of Schemafy Post-Results

To continuously benefit from rich search results, it's imperative to keep Schemafy installed. The app leverages Shopify's app embed block to inject schema tags, which are essential for maintaining your store's enhanced search presence. Uninstalling Schemafy would result in the removal of these tags and potentially diminish your store's search visibility.

Non-critical Issues from the App's Schema Data

Due to Shopify's API limitations, you might see some non-critical, optional issues in the Rich Results tool. These minor issues, typically recommendations, do not compromise the validity of your structured data nor hinder the display of rich search results. Schemafy is actively working with Shopify to address these issues.

Addressing Invalid Schema Errors

Should the Rich Results test tool highlight invalid schema errors, Schemafy's support team is on standby to assist. The app includes functionalities to detect and remove duplicate schema entries from theme files, and offers guidance for managing schema added by other applications.

Further Assistance

Schemafy's team is ready to ensure your store's structured data is optimized for search engine performance.

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