Getting Started with InstaIndex

Welcome to InstaIndex! Follow these steps to quickly get your store's products indexed by search engines.


If you haven't installed InstaIndex yet, start by adding the app to your Shopify store from Shopify App Store.

Choosing a Plan

InstaIndex offers two main plans:

  • Free Plan: Enjoy unlimited manual submissions.
  • Pro Plan: Gain automatic submission for newly created or updated products, and the ability to bulk submit products directly from the Shopify Products page.


Ensure automatic submission is enabled in the app settings. Upon installation, InstaIndex generates a secure verification key for authentication with the IndexNow API.


What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is an open-source protocol that lets websites instantly notify search engines when content is added or updated, leading to faster indexing and search visibility.

How does InstaIndex use IndexNow for instant indexing?

InstaIndex automates the process of notifying search engines like Bing and Yandex using IndexNow whenever there's a new product or update, ensuring quick discoverability.

Why is instant indexing important for AI-driven search engines?

Instant indexing keeps AI-powered search engines updated, making your products instantly visible in Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and similar AI-driven tools.

What search engines are currently supported?

Currently, Bing and Yandex support IndexNow. Google has announced plans to adopt it, and InstaIndex will include Google support as soon as it's available.

Can I manually submit URLs of products I updated last year?

It's best to submit URLs that have changed since you started using InstaIndex, as IndexNow is designed for recent updates.

Do URLs submitted via InstaIndex count against my crawl quota?

Yes, each crawl counts towards your quota. Using InstaIndex helps prioritize your URLs for search engines to crawl.

I've updated a product, but it's not indexed yet. Why?

IndexNow notifies search engines of updates, but immediate crawling or indexing is not guaranteed. Indexing times depend on the search engine's crawl schedule and quota.

If I have a sitemap, do I still need InstaIndex?

Yes, InstaIndex complements sitemaps by providing real-time notifications to search engines, bypassing the wait for sitemap discovery.

Can I submit all URLs for my store using InstaIndex?

InstaIndex is ideal for submitting recently changed URLs. Use sitemaps for comprehensive coverage of all your URLs.

How can I skip pinging search engines for some updates?

Disable InstaIndex's automatic submission temporarily for updates that don't need immediate search engine notification, such as during testing or bulk updates.

My question is not listed here. How can I get help?

For further inquiries, feedback, or assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing InstaIndex! We're excited to help you improve your store's visibility and searchability.

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